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About hotel

Our hotel is situated in the center of one of the best ski resorts of Russia – Krasnaya Polyana.

It is 45 km from the international airport of Sochi and 65 km from the city center of Sochi. It takes you 45 min to get to hotel Gala-Alpik from the airport by car.

The hotel is situated opposite the ski lift of the sport and tourist complex "Gornaya Karusel" and the shopping mall "Gorki Gorod Mall".

Enjoy a comfortable restaurant with fireplace, up-to-date sauna and a conference hall.

Krasnaya Polyana

Ski resort Krasnaya Polyana offers you unforgettable memories all the year round. There are three independent ski complexes, that have ski slopes of different levels of difficulty – from green to black.

STK "Gornaya Karusel" GLK "Roza Hutor", GTC OAO "Gazprom" are modern ski complexes with high-grade ski slopes and ski lifts. In addition, all of them meet the requirements of service and high standards of safety.

You can not only ski, but also have a wide choice of restaurants, shops, entertaining centers, beauty shops, an aqua park, a skating rink and a cinema, which make your rest more varied.

Our resort could be interesting both for adults and for children. We will teach them to ski on special children’s slopes and make them feel happy in entertaining centers. Krasnaya Polyana is an unforgettable rest for the whole family!